Our Digital Services


Big Data Analytics

  • Movement
  • Management
  • Consumption of Data
  • Structured Unstructured


Ruby on Rails

  • Web Application Development
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Migration
  • iOS and Android



  • Premium Value Processing
  • Cryptographic techniques
  • Security and Integrity
  • No Cumbersome Central Entity


Business Intelligence

  • Scalable BI strategy
  • Right data at the right time
  • Scalable BI platform


Ruby Software's healthcare vision is delivering excellent patient care. Healthcare providers operate in an rapidly changing industry where adherence to regulatory mandates calls for agile technological solutions. They leverage on digitization of healthcare data, big data analytics and cutting edge mobile technology to finetune their services. Through this they strive to achieve easy archival and retrieval of patient data. Ruby Software offers a hybrid cloud strategy to ensure that a large volume of customer data is stored on the cloud and the more sensitive data is available on premise. Protecting sensitive patient data is of paramount importance. Our data integrity solutions that helps avoid data leakage combines with our secure enterprise mobility ensures foolproof patient data security and enhanced patient care.


Our Products



  • Automated employee appraisal
  • Configurable Goals, Feedback, Recognition
  • Dynamic Workflows and Reports



  • Leads Tool for Businesses/ Salesforce
  • Innovatively Manage, Monitor, Motivate
  • Getting Things Done framework



  • Collaborative Learning Management
  • Secure Courses, Quizzes, Grading
  • Connects students and teachers

Ruby to College

Through our in-house training experience, we have realised that the freshers who joins the corporate right after finishing their education are good in their technical knowledge and skills. But sadly they lack depth in programming skills, software engineering skills, business communication skills, corporate etiquette, customer interfacing skills and other soft skills such as working in Team etc.