Not only do we have a highly proficient web development team, we also have a team of business intelligence experts who can give meaningful insights into your application data. We have expertise in creating dashboards and reports using tools like Pentaho and EazyBI.

Pentaho is the Open Source Business Intelligence (BI) leader, an end-to-end business intelligence tool. Pentaho BI Suite contains Reporting Analysis, Dashboard, Data Integration (ETL) and Data Mining

Our team has been using Pentaho BI Suite with its various products since its inception. Our consultants have more than a decade of industry experience in data warehousing and business intelligence implementation. We have been involved in various aspects of architecting Pentaho based BI solutions including – configuring Pentaho BI Suite with Active directory, desigining and setting up data warehouse databases for reporting, building proof of concept reporting dashboards, creating ETL jobs and using Pentaho Data Integration platform, and building multi-dimensional dashboards.

Pentaho also provides a Report Designer, a desktop reporting tool that provides a visual design environment to easily create sophisticated and rich reports geared towards experienced and power users.

When you have significant amount of business data hidden in databases or other applications, sometime standard built-in reports are not flexible enough for your fast changing needs.

EazyBI is yet another tool that helps in creating meaningful drill-through dashboards. With its easy development curve, eazyBI can help create new reports faster, reducing development to deploy time for your application. With eazyBI you can create summary reports, drill into details across any data dimension, or order results by any measure. We have experience building reports using EazyBI across multiple verticals and domains delivering huge value additions and insights in to your application’s data.