Ruby Software is ideally positioned to take your startup endeavor to the next level. We have been helping start-ups as well as enterprises to bring out their ideas and dreams to the market. Over the course of this journey, we became partners, friends, and associates – they are now part of our extended family.

Ruby Software is entrepreneurial. We give prime importance to innovation and to providing optimum solutions. For a startup firm, a key consideration is scalability. Building a huge application at one stretch is not economically or technically viable. However, building a minimum viable product that can be tested in the market and certain to bring in revenues is the prudent way of doing business. Ruby on Rails is the best platform for such ventures. It is flexible and well supported too. The gems or special libraries that allow developers to add any functionality from authorization and authentication to file uploading and payments is a feature of the RoR framework which saves developer time and effort and speeds up development.

We ourselves have created products and are happy to share our experience to this well-knit network and to the people and teams that made it happen. We are never shy to challenge your ideas, propose better solutions and finally engineer your product, and thus help you succeed. We will not be your outsourcing firm, we will be your partner who will help you build your innovation to a successful technology solution.

We at Ruby Software have created tools, processes, and frameworks that we use consistently and successfully for building and pivoting products/services that the inventor seeks- that’s expertise you can count on. We have helped many innovations get off the ground – so trust us when we tell you what to expect before you know it’s coming. Over the years, our team has spent over 100,000 hours of consulting and building products for start-ups, that’s solid expertise you can count on.

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  • I can’t begin to tell you how fortunate I feel to be working with Ruby Software. My vision for my online corporation is incredibly specific. I won™t apologize for wanting the site to function exactly how I envisioned from the inception of its formation. To say that vision is very software intensive is a major understatement. Since I’m not a computer programmer myself, I had to find the right group of people to work with in order to make that vision a reality. The team at Ruby Software is without a doubt that group. They have taken the time to thoroughly understand my requests. Does that mean we’ve collectively gotten everything right the first time? No. What makes them such a valuable partner though is their willingness and patience to get things right when those tweaks did need to occur. I’ll be the first to say some of the tweaks that needed to be made were necessary because of my own inability to convey exactly what I was wanting on the front end. I could go on and on, but I really just want to express my gratitude for having had the opportunity to work with a group of people I truly believe in.
    Craig Reinhart Founder / CEO
  • More than an exceptionally talented staff of developers, Ruby Software Resources has been an integral component in the launch of my business.Ruby’s team helped me refine my applications specifications, offering an experienced perspective to align development goals with critical business milestones. They are flexible, responsive, and easy to work with, thus proving themselves to be a true partner in my business rather than just a service provider.
    Bob LandstromFounder / CEO