Ruby @ Deccan Ruby Conference

Deccan RubyConference is a Single-Track Conference + Workshops event happening at Pune every year. Deccan RubyConf 2017 took place 12th Aug. 2017 at Sheraton Grand Pune. The conference covered areas like Ruby Language, Framework, and Tools by well-known speakers from Ruby community.

Mr.Shaiju E, Senior Software Engineer of RUBYIANS got a chance to attend this year’s edition as speaker. His topic was Give REST a rest, use GraphQL for your next Ruby API. He presented about why should we use GraphQL and also about its implementation in Ruby.

There were panel discussions and 8 Flash talks which include 5 speakers from Kerala, talked about different ruby topics from beginner level to advanced level. Deccan Ruby Conference is a great opportunity to meet and interact with different kind of people,with great professional experience.