Despite being small , Uruguay incorporates a long record of traditional wedding ceremony practices. These types of traditions currently have been around for centuries and maybe they are still utilized today.

Among the many traditional rituals of Uruguayan marriages, is certainly drinking from the same goblet. This is certainly a symbol of the couple’s relationship and it is an exceptional tradition for this nation.

An alternative tradition that Uruguayans adopt can be drinking yerba mate, the industry tea-like infusion that is made from the leaves of a specific kind of holly sapling. It’s a beverage that has been about for centuries and is incredibly popular in Uruguay.

The groom and bride drink in the same goblet, a symbol of their relationship. They must also wear clothes which can be western-style and the men must enhance neckties.

In addition to the star of the event and groom, all family members must be present at the wedding. Including the parents of both parties too seeing that the grandpa and grandma.

Before the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom present their particular marriage license at the local register business office. They will also dedicate a number of days driving around different parts of the country to visit their families and friends.

They will also have a lot of parties following your wedding. The party may last for hours and it’s always used outdoors.

An alternative interesting Uruguayan wedding tradition certainly is the barbecue. 2 weeks . very popular approach of cooking food in the area. It’s a very yummy dish, although it’s not really incredibly healthy.